How to Design a Waterproofing System

sustainable building contractors FloridaAt Shield Coatings and Weatherproofing, we have created a streamlined process to designing a waterproofing system that best fits your building’s needs. We consider every aspect of your building to ensure your system is energy efficient and your commercial goals are utilized. Below we have outlined our strategy for creating an efficient and effective waterproof system.

  • Our first step of creating a waterproof system is to inspect your property for any potential moisture intrusion. We conduct a thorough inspection from the ground to the roof to locate any problems with the integrity of your watertight. Once we have completed your review, we create a sustainable building envelope with effective and energy efficient solutions.
  • After the inspection phase is complete, we go forward with the design stage to organize appropriate products and technologies that will be the most effective method to correcting your moisture problems. During this juncture, we utilize our strong relationships with multiple manufacturers to ensure we receive the best price on going forward with your corrective solutions.
  • Once we complete the consultation and design phase, we implement our recommended solutions to safeguard your commercial property to ensure your business goals are achieved.

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