Deck Structures 

There are few things more important than keeping your building safe from the threat of water damage. Different structures are susceptible to severe damage if they are not safeguarded with the right tools and techniques. At Shield Coatings & Weatherproofing, Inc, we offer a variety of protective services for deck structures. With our deck waterproofing services, you will provide guests with a safe surface on which to walk and drive. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs with a member of our team.

Preserving Decks & Other Structures

Water intrusion through leaks is the number-one challenge for most exterior construction surfaces, especially concrete. This may result in deteriorating substrate conditions, damage to the interior and property, devaluation of the structure, and interruption of occupancy. From plaza decks to garages, we are available to do masonry repair, specialty coatings, and related work throughout  your property.

Decks are roofs that are walked on or driven on by your guests and employees. These structures may include everything from pedestrian bridges to vehicular traffic topping roof surfaces. Because these areas see frequent foot and vehicle traffic, it is important that they be suited to the use at hand. The products chosen are designed to provide every section of your property with the right form and a functionality. We offer our design-build consulting services to help you defend against potential problems.

Complete Masonry Repair Work

When cracks develop in structural concrete, the resulting damage can be a serious headache for building owners. What appears to be cosmetic, may be a symptom of more serious structural issues beneath the surface. Our concrete rectification work includes spalling repairs to engineered solutions.

No matter what issue is facing your structure, count on us to fix the problem before it can develop further. We work to turn back the clock on nearly every source of water damage. In many cases, deck structures require a protective layer beyond the waterproofing layers of the system. We design our systems with the end use in mind, so it's always the right fit.

Contact us to request services for your deck structures. We proudly offer deck waterproofing options throughout central Florida.