Wall Waterproofing 

Even thoughtfully designed buildings can leak.

The walls of a structure are unique to each design and may be comprised of a large variety of substrates, including masonry and its synthetic equivalent (EFIS), wood, metal, stone, glass, or even tile. Architects will routinely incorporate many of these very different building materials into their facade designs. Each substrate has its own performance criteria required for coatings adhesion, flexibility, and aesthetics. The knowledge of what it takes to successfully design a wall waterproofing system comes from years of experience and training.

Craftsmanship vs. Standard of Trade

There is a major difference between applying a paint job and correctly installing a wall waterproofing system. The right process involves a great deal of surface preparation and related repairs that take far longer than applying the final waterproof coating. If this job is not performed correctly, you will notice that water intrusion is possible after only a short period of time.

In many cases, building owners have had their buildings sealed by inexperienced painting contractors. These owners will contact us a year or so after the system was installed, asking us to look at their buildings. We find that the previous company did little to no surface preparation, and their coating application did not stop the water intrusion.

To achieve superior craftsmanship, it is important to pay close attention to the details of your project. We focus our attention on control joints and corners. Proper detailing of hairline cracks through our proprietary methods goes beyond the "standard of trade" approach typically seen.

Choosing the Right Wall Waterproofing System

We approach every job with the safety of our employees and the occupants of the building in mind.

At Shield Coatings we solve problems, we don't just cover them up. Anybody can make a building look good after the job is done. It's what one can't see in the preparation phase that will make the difference in your building. By focusing on the details, we are able to ensure that projects are completed the right way the first time. We painstakingly go over every inch of the job to make sure that money spent with us is the best dollar investment that can be made. 

Prepared walls look like abstract artworks before finish coatings deliver the desired color. At Shield Coatings we are sticklers for detail. Our dedication to surface prep-work has saved our customers millions of dollars over time. We never pass the buck.

Contact us to perform your wall waterproofing services. Our team is available to take on wall coatings for buildings throughout central Florida.