Skylight and Window Waterproofing

Skylights come in all shapes and sizes.

Windows, skylights, and doors are important design elements that serve a number of obvious functions, not the least of which is keeping water out. Ensuring they are properly sealed can save energy by reducing heating, cooling, and lighting costs, as well as improving the comfort of your building's interior.

The Importance of Product Selection

Skylight repair and window glazing always involve the sealing of dissimilar substrates. Fiberglass to metal, metal to glass, and metal to metal are some examples. They must all be carefully inspected and included in the weatherproofing system design. Materials selected must have excellent adhesion to plastics, glass, masonry, and even wood. Whether you're dealing with simple skylight panels on a metal roof, or an array of elaborate skylight towers, we have the experience and skill to guarantee a safe and successful project.

Fixed Glass Windows & Curtain Walls

Is it a window or a skylight?

Fixed glass windows and curtain walls are usually sealed with gaskets or wet glazed to keep water out. Continued UV exposure and varying weather patterns will cause accelerated aging of their components, resulting in shrinkage, cracking, and failure from moisture intrusion, and heating and cooling loss. Proper sealing of these components is essential to a successful job.

Turn To Us for Glazing Work

Operable windows that open and close are designed with a weep- hole system to allows water that gets in to properly drain out. We thoroughly inspect these components, test them as needed, and include them for treatment in the weatherproofing design.

Contact us to request skylight waterproofing services for each part of your structure. We are available to take on window and skylight waterproofing for clients throughout central Florida.