Skylight Maintenance Tips for Fall

skylight waterproofingWith fall in the air and winter around the corner, the weatherproofing specialists at Shield Coatings & Weatherproofing strive to help our clients get the most out of their skylights and windows during the colder months. Below we have helpful tips for your skylight maintenance that is best performed in the fall.

  • Similar to windows, skylights are an essential design element to your space that adds functionality by increasing your natural lighting. It is important to properly clean your skylights to ensure you receive the most out of your investment. We suggest cleaning your skylights during the fall while the weather is not too hot but not too cold.
  • The fall is the opportune time to check for leaks in your skylights because of the cool weather and less chance of summer showers or winter storms. One of the most common skylight repairs is water leaks that can be evident in your drywall with stains or bulging. Look to the specialists at Shield Coatings & Weatherproofing to help enhance your property with our skylight waterproofing
  • It is important to have regular maintenance checks on your skylights to check for cracks from fallen branches, rocks, birds, and any other extreme impacts that could cause breakage.

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