Roof Sustainability 

Longevity by design.

Roof assemblies provide the first line of defense against rainwater intrusion. There are many types of low-sloped roofs available today including metal, built-up, modified bitumen, and  single-ply. They are all heavily accessorized to accommodate roof penetrations, attachments, and terminations into dissimilar construction components.

Roof Accessories Leak

Roof leaks typically develop at the intersection between the roof membrane and it's many accessories. Metal flashings, pins and fasteners, pitch-pans, drains, curbs, scuppers, sealants, and parapet walls all contribute to rainwater penetration causing premature failures of the assembly and leakage into vertical walls.

How does roof sustainability work? When you choose to undergo a roof replacement, regular roofing materials end up in landfills, where they occupy up to 14% of the limited space available. By using sustainable methods for roof design and renovation, you will keep these bulky building materials from accumulating in landfills. Additional savings go beyond capital expenses, and will positively affect your building operations over time.

Repair Or Replace

Where appropriate, reinforced coating systems can last for decades, providing owners with an excellent ROI.

The condition of the roof assembly, the amount of moisture trapped within it, among other considerations dictate whether a roof is a good candidate for restoration, or needs to be removed and replaced.

Shield Coatings has demonstrated a unique ability to restore damaged, aged, and deteriorated roofs into seamless, energy-efficient, and leak-free roof systems. All of our design/build coatings procedures provide true sustainability without the need for expensive tear-off and disposal. Reinforced coatings systems eliminate miles of roof seams and their leak points, and white finishes reflect away the sun's harmful rays. 

Do You Require Roof Maintenance?

If you are dealing with leaks and other issues, don’t hesitate to call us for service. We respond to your requests as quickly as possible, and we are available for the entire life cycle of the building.

Contact us to learn more about your roof sustainability options. We are available to perform roof rehabilitation for clients throughout central Florida.