Design-Build Consulting in Central FL

Practically everything we do in one shot.

When you turn to the professionals at Shield Coatings & Weatherproofing, Inc., we supply you with a weatherproofing design and installation which is unmatched in scope and quality. Every complete design carries a single-source responsibility guarantee. Our goal is to create a waterproofing system design that is energy efficient and helps you achieve your commercial goals. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to deliver the greatest value to building owners all over central Florida. We will help you cost effectively maintain your facilities far into the future, no matter how difficult the problems have been in the past.

Choose Us for Energy Efficiency

Keeping your building safe from water damage does not have to come at a cost to the environment. Our goal is to create energy efficient systems that allow building owners single-source responsibility for every need. No matter what your situation dictates, our team is available to provide you with a simple waterproofing system design that does not harm the environment.

Since our beginning in 1974, we have worked with countless business organizations throughout the region. Building owners and project management professionals trust our waterproofing, roofing, and wall coatings systems to protect, preserve, restore, repair, and beautify the building envelope related to their properties. As part of our design-build consulting services, we create a fully sustainable building envelope that is tailored to your specific need.

A Fully Sourced System

Our designs address all exterior components.

During the inspection and design phases of your consultation, we may utilize products and technologies from multiple manufacturers as necessary, to identify and address all areas of moisture intrusion. The result of our design/build consulting work is a systematic approach that stands the test of time.

Our detailed reports define problems and recommend corrective procedures for every related system which effect your building's watertight integrity. From the roof to the below-grade areas, we are available to tackle issue related to any exterior building component.

Competitive Rates for Your Services

You have enough to spend money on to operate your commercial location. When you call on us for your new waterproofing system design, our goal is to save you money over time. In addition to our competitive service rates, we provide our clients with the lowest possible lifecycle cost for maintaining their facilities in a water-tight condition.

Contact us to request our services for design-build consulting at your location. We create a waterproofing system design for clients throughout central Florida.