How to Safeguard Your Building from a Hurricane

Located in Central Florida, one of the most hurricane-prone states in America, Shield Coatings & Weatherproofing understands the importance of proper preparation and planning to help protect your buildings from hurricane damage. When it comes to hurricane season, your buildings often take on much damage resulting in a commercial roof repair in Florida and or even a total rebuild of your construction. We strive to not only weatherproof your commercial buildings, but we also want to help educate our clients on necessary safety precautions. Below we have many suggestions to help safeguard your buildings from tornadoes and hurricane weather.

  • Purchasing garage doors that are window-less are a great way to help protect your home from high-impact winds produced by hurricanes. We also recommend securing garage doors with a bracing system that attaches to the floor and hinges to help prevent your garage door from flying out from the wall. This is vital to do if a hurricane is approaching because if your garage door suctions out, the wind pressure will enter through the open section and could cause too much pressure within your home, resulting in a needed commercial roof repair in Florida.
  • We provide window waterproofing to property owners to help seal and secure their windows to prevent water leaking in from the rain. We recommend ensuring your windows are sealed adequately before hurricane season to safeguard your building. During heavy hurricane winds, we also suggest covering your windows with durable plywood to help protect items flying into your windows and breaking them. This is an easy step to help secure the glass from shattering inwards as well, protecting your loved ones.

Although there are many ways to safeguard your buildings from a hurricane, we strongly recommend to not staying on your property during the storm. Having a hurricane safety kit with medications, canned foods, water, batteries, flashlights, and gasoline is always a good idea to stay prepared. If you experience damage this hurricane season, look to Shield Coatings & Weatherproofing to help with your commercial roof repair in Florida. Contact us today at (813) 247-5421 to learn more about our weatherproofing services and to schedule a consultation regarding your roof sustainability.